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My dogs.

Happiness is the key to life. Not any happiness, the right kind of happiness. Today, I think I want to talk about a lifelong love I have had since a small girl growing up in the Midwest. A love that I think just keeps getting stronger and stronger as the years pass by. Who wants to guess what love most little girls have, well maybe not most, but many? Ok, a few of you guessed correct, yes my love for animals. Specifically my love for dogs, puppies especially, but definitely my love for dogs in general. My dogs bring me so much joy. I think it is important for a person to be happy in life, to have and love something near and dear their heart, to pursue and enjoy that pursuit which should be healthy to one’s life, but to pursue happiness via something a great which for me sharing my life with my special dogs. Yes, there is a sad element to owning dogs, they do not live as long as we people do, so by my age I have many great dogs that I have gotten as puppies only to see them grow old and pass away to dog heaven, that’s another debate. That is the one downside, if there is any to owning dogs, they don’t live long enough. So I absolutely love every day to the maximum with them while they are here with me. So that means to me, I must spoil them to the maximum, well maybe not maximum, but close. Yes I do buy my dogs lots of things, the best dog food I get, the best dog beds I can find, the best dog clothes. Yes I buy my dogs clothes, just my small dogs, my Maltese (the cutest dog) well Yorkies are very cute too buy I don’t have a Yorkie yet, someday. Oh my gosh, little dogs they are so adorable in their little dog clothes and and dog bows when they are all dressed up. The dog clothes and dog bows I buy online, from a variety of places. I pretty much have my favorites, as do most people for buying anything. But for my dogs, they get the best I can give them, it makes them happy, and I feel happy. I would suggest, to anyone out there who is thinking about this, find something which brings you great joy, go after it with all that you have. Give it your all, life is short. Sit down if you must, be it you love dogs, or be it you love something else. Go after your joys in life, make a plan and put it into action. Life is too short to not be happy, and the happiness will feed upon itself and multiply each day in your life. Make it happen for you. I have for me. My dogs, I love. Pursue your loves in life.